Good Internal Systems

Recording, reporting and review of compliance

  • Report the results of compliance monitoring. What information will be made available and to whom? Will an annual compliance monitoring report be published?
  • Consider how compliance monitoring and reporting will feed into other monitoring and reporting, particularly state of the environment and policy and plan effectiveness.
  • Decide on systems and protocols for dealing with non-compliance.
  • Provide formal and informal feedback to planners on how effective the policies, plan and consent conditions are.
  • Refer back to your purpose for compliance monitoring and how it integrates with other aspects of monitoring. Make sure good feedback procedures are in place and use them.

Work with others

  • Establish links with compliance monitoring people in adjoining councils, your regional council (for territorial local authorities), your territorial local authorities (for regional councils), and councils working on similar issues (eg, other metropolitan centres).
  • Join, establish and/or maintain an active monitoring forum in your area.
  • If something works well for another council consider adapting it for your use (ie, use consent conditions of other councils if appropriate for your situation).

Compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring includes checking:

  • the uptake of resource consents and identifying those that have lapsed
  • compliance with consent conditions, such as in relation to water quality, changes in land use, subdivisions and so on
  • permitted activities.
  • Compliance monitoring involves evaluating process performance, compliance with consent condition or plan provisions, and environmental performance assessment.
  • It enables early detection of any adverse effects.
  • Compliance monitoring ensures any non-compliance with consent conditions is detected and any appropriate action taken.

Links with enforcement

  • Link compliance monitoring with your Council's enforcement approach.
  • Establish a progressive enforcement policy, bearing in mind that the majority of cases may be resolved with a light-handed, informal approach but also be prepared for a more heavy-handed and legal approach if necessary.
  • See the Enforcement Manual for more guidance on enforcement matters.