Receipt of an Application

This guidance has been revised to include changes to the RMA as a result of the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 (RLAA17). The consenting provisions of the RLAA17 commenced on 18 October 2017. For more information about the amendments refer to the RLAA17 - Fact Sheets and technical guidance available on the Ministry for the Environment's website.



The receipt of an application is the first important step in the resource consent process, which starts the statutory 'clock' ticking. Section 88 and Schedule 4 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) state what information an application and supporting Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) must contain to be considered complete and therefore acceptable to be processed. The RMA includes comprehensive information requirements in Schedule 4 and 10 working day timeframe to assess the application to determine whether it is complete or return it as incomplete. These requirements reflect the importance of councils only accepting complete applications to avoid delays in the long run.

This guidance note provides guidance for consent lodgement, pre-acceptance completeness checks, incomplete applications, receiving applications, and how to formally notify applicants of the receipt of their application