Non-Residential Activities in Residential Areas

Non-residential activities in residential areas can provide valued, accessible services for the local community. They can also provide for home-based employment and economic diversification. However, they may also cause a loss of amenity values and be regarded by a community as a symptom of residential decline.

Good practice in managing non-residential activities in residential environments requires decision makers to reconcile these conflicting factors. This guidance note is intended to assist with the formulation of district plan provisions for non-residential activities in residential areas. Guidance is also provided on district plans provisions for mixed use developments, but the primary focus on this guidance note is on existing residential areas. This guidance note does not address non-residential activities outside residential environments.

Practitioners must have sound information on the changes taking place in the community and the nature and resilience of the receiving residential environment. This should be accompanied by ongoing monitoring of community feedback and consent applications within residential areas.