Notifying Proposed Plans

The Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Amendment Act 2013 introduces a streamlined plan-making process that only applies to the development of the first Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP). This guidance note has not been amended to include changes to the AUP plan-making process, rather it focuses on plan-making prescribed by the Resource Management Act 1991. For information about the process for the first AUP, refer to the Ministry for the Environment’s Fact Sheets.

The notification of a plan (or plan change), occurring after an extensive period of consultation and policy analysis, triggers the formal process of submissions, hearings and decision-making; a huge investment for many people. While there is a statutory process for publicly notifying proposed plans, there is also wide discretion for local authorities to promote constructive involvement and input from all involved in the process.

This guidance note provides an overview of best practice:

  • before a plan is notified,
  • after a plan is notified including effective ways of "spreading the word" through brochures, the media, meeting with the local community, workshops, and staff training, and
  • notifying for further submissions.