Writing Consent Conditions

  • Think in advance about how consent conditions will be monitored and enforced when they are being drafted. Ensure conditions relate to actual or potential adverse effects on the environment.
  • Check that conditions are written in clear and simple language that is easy to understand and monitor. Consider asking a non-planner to see if they can understand the condition.
  • Ensure that conditions are certain and unambiguous. Will others be able to interpret them in years to come? Would they stand up in the Environment Court if enforcement action were ever necessary?
  • Discuss possible conditions and monitoring requirements with the applicant (and submitters) as the consent is being processed.
  • Discuss possible conditions with a council’s monitoring and enforcement personnel to ensure any conditions will be workable and enforceable
  • Don't reinvent the wheel. If effective consent conditions have already been developed by other councils, consider adapting them for your use while ensuring they are tailored to the specific application.
  • Read the guidance material Resource Consent Conditions