Is the Further Information Adequate?

An application comes off hold on the date the applicant provides the further information and it is deemed to meet the requirements of the request. Therefore it is important to promptly check the further information for adequacy upon receipt to ensure it meets the requirements of the request.

The information received should be checked to ensure all the matters in the request have been adequately addressed. Where further clarification and/or minor detail is required, the council should contact the applicant to request/clarify the information directly. However, where the information provided is clearly deficient, a more formal approach may be required.

If the applicant has not satisfactorily covered all matters in the request, council should inform the applicant the information does not meet the requirements and outline what additional information and/or clarification is required in order to satisfy the s92 request. The applicant should be provided with clear deadlines and advised that, if the information is not provided by the specified date, the application may be subject to notification under s95C and subsequently declined on the basis of insufficient information. The processing clock should not be started again until all information requested is received.

Ensuring that all further information requested is provided is important in light of the Discount Regulations and the fact the clock can only be stopped once for a s92(1) request.