How Should Further Information be Asked for?

Further information requests under s92 are required to be made in writing and must state the reasons for making the request. Council officers may also like to follow up the written request with a phone call to the applicant to ensure they are aware of the request, the information required and the reason the information is being sought.

Requests for further information should inform the applicant of how they can respond to the request and the implications of not responding or refusing to respond. In particular, the s92 request should:

  • advise the applicant of the 15 working day time frame within which they need to either: 
    • provide the information; or
    • o    confirm in writing that they agree to provide the information; or
    • o    give a written notice that they refuse to provide the information
  • inform the applicant of the consequences of not responding within 15 working days or a time frame prescribed by council or refusing to provide the information (ie, the application will be notified under s95C and considered under s104 and the application may be declined on the basis of insufficient information (s104(6)))
  • provide a consent reference number and contact person for follow-up discussions and correspondence.

It is important that the further information request is worded clearly and unambiguously so that the applicant can understand the information required and their options, and respond accordingly.