Applicant Lodges a Request For a Private Plan Change

Any person can request a private plan change. The request must:

  • be in writing
  • explain the purpose of and reasons for the change
  • describe any anticipated environmental effects of the proposed change, taking into account the matters listed in the Fourth Schedule of the RMA
  • include an evaluation report under s32 for any objectives, policies, and/or rules of other methods proposed.

The applicant can also provide information on:

  • the mitigation of adverse environmental effects
  • consultation
  • site-specific details, including information on services.

Providing this information now can save a lot of time later. Other steps to consider include:

  • Meet with council staff before you lodge the request for a private plan change. Council staff can give you constructive guidance and advice on the following matters:
    • Tell you what information you need to provide to meet council and RMA requirements. Providing this information at the start can reduce delays considerably
    • Tell you what other plan changes and major resource consent applications have been approved in nearby areas. This will enable you to assess and plan service provision, and identify any issues the community might raise
    • Refer to other plan changes as a model or example of good practice. o Give you contacts and advice on whom to consult
    • Provide local knowledge on services, constraints and environmental issues. o Give you an indication of the likely costs.
  • Consult early and consult widely. Make sure you have enough time to work through problems with the parties
  • concerned. Ensure that you document your consultation for the record, including both the process and the outcomes
  • Identify all potential impacts, their causes, and ways to mitigate the impacts
  • Where relevant, make sure that water, sewerage, stormwater disposal, drainage and roading services can be provided for the development, or prepare provisions that will limit development until services are available
  • Prepare a s32 evaluation report in conjunction with advice received from the council, including expert advice to support your analysis.