Relevant Publications


New Zealand

Auckland Design Manual. This web-based resource provides practical advice, best practice processes and detailed design guidance. The manual enables the community to make informed choices, to build houses and develop streets and neighbourhoods to not only look good but to ensure they are built to last, sustainable and give the best return on investment.

ARC Guide to Structure Planning: A Regional Practice and Resource Guide, Auckland Regional Council, 2005. This guide seeks to support good practice and a consistent approach to structure planning across the Auckland region.

New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, Ministry for the Environment, March 2005. The Urban Design Protocol provides a platform to make New Zealand towns and cities more successful through quality urban design.

Urban Design Case Studies, Ministry for the Environment, March 2005. The case studies support the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol by demonstrating practical examples of successful urban design.

Urban Design Case Studies: Local Government, Ministry for the Environment, May 2008. This second volume of case studies provides examples of ways that local government can incorporate urban design in strategies, plans and guidelines, and demonstrates the practical application of urban design principles.

Urban Design Toolkit, Ministry for the Environment, March 2009. The Urban Design Toolkit supports the New Zealand Urban Design protocol and comprises a compendium of tools that can be used to facilitate high quality urban design.


Liveable neighbourhoods, Planning Western Australia, January 2009. Liveable Neighbourhoods addresses both strategic and operational aspects of structure planning and subdivision development.

Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines, Victoria State Government, December 2012. The Precinct Structure Planning guidelines promote a consistent and thorough approach to planning for future growth. The guidelines apply to the preparation or assessment of Precinct Structure Plans for new residential communities and new employment areas.

Structure Plan Preparation Guidelines, Planning Western Australia, August 2012. The Structure plan preparation guidelines have been developed to provide clear and consistent guidance in the preparation and assessment of structure plans across the state.