How to Implement e-RMA

One of the primary issues for RMA managers is the need to be able to effectively communicate their requirements to those involved in the technical aspects of providing internet-enabled RMA administration systems. When considering the introduction of such a system RMA managers should, in conjunction with their information technology advisers, identify:

  • who the potential users of the e-RMA information and services will be
  • what their likely requirements are.

Potential users of internet-enabled services will generally expect:

  • sites to be technically robust (i.e. load well, perform well and have links that work) and easy to navigate (e.g. through use of search aids)
  • information to be up to date, relevant and authoritative and is able to be copied or printed
  • access across a range of users and computer hardware and software platforms
  • quick download speeds (eg, broad band vs dial-up).