Use this checklist to ensure that all the contractual issues have been covered before selecting a contractor:

  • Define the scope of services and level of services with key agreed performance indicators.

  • Prepare a draft contract before selecting the contractor(s).

  • Ensure there are appropriate council staff available to administer the outsourced consents process. These staff need to be able to objectively peer review, answer questions about council procedures and systems, and identify performance issues.

  • Ensure appropriate compatibility of IT technology for delivery of services from contractors.

Selecting a contractor:

  • Establish processes for inviting offers of service and developing selection criteria.

  • Request and assess offer(s) of service.

  • Identify potential areas of conflict of interest.

  • Select the contractor(s) and sign contracts.

After selection:

  • Set up administrative matters, such as computer logins, access cards, financial systems, and administrative procedures.

  • Provide templates, any procedural policies, and written delegations.

  • Undertake an induction or orientation with the contractor to introduce them to the relevant people, places and processes.

  • If possible, trial a few consents to iron out any procedural matters and clarify the level and style of service required.

  • Diary the first review.