Conditions of Consent

Section 108 of the RMA allows councils to include conditions on resource consents. Conditions include standards, terms, restrictions or prohibitions specified in a consent following the written decision to grant the consent (s2 definition).

The scope of possible conditions of consent is very wide. For example, they may relate to:

  • the design or appearance of structures
  • landscaping
  • hours of operation
  • restrictions on the quality of a discharge
  • restrictions on the amount of resource use
  • monitoring and reporting
  • the layout of a site.

Conditions may include the provision of:

  • cash
  • land
  • works
  • services
  • a bond.

Specifying conditions of consent that are effective and enforceable is essential to the operation or development of an activity. Conditions also ensure any adverse effects on the environment are avoided, remedied or mitigated. Therefore getting the conditions right is essential.