Who to Involve

Who to involve

  • Corporate commitment is needed to monitor plan effectiveness.
  • Involve integrated council teams to ensure policy/plan implementation goals are well understood, for example include planners, scientists, environmental education staff, database managers, engineers, consent and compliance staff.
  • Work with other councils in your area on monitoring methodologies for similar issues (eg, amenity values/cross-boundary issues).
  • Where possible form or join a monitoring forum to share ideas and information or set up other partnerships and review processes.
  • Involve iwi as they are more than another affected party.
  • Involve other members of the community as appropriate and find out what community outcomes are wanted and to ensure relevance of your policy and plan provisions. Link this to your requirements under the Local Government Act for Long Term Plans.
  • Work in with other agencies such as regional councils, territorial local authorities, Department of Conservation, Ministry for the Environment, Statistics NZ, and build on existing information if possible.

Share ideas and allow for training

  • Think about setting up plan effectiveness workshops and focus groups; sharing ideas is helpful and can make monitoring easier.
  • Develop partnerships as appropriate and consider the use of a regional monitoring forum to share ideas.
  • Train people and develop learning environments for staff.
  • Get external guidance where necessary.