Duration of Consent

Sections 123 and 123A set out the duration period (expiry dates) of resource consents. Except as provided for in s125 (lapsing of consents), the following durations apply:

  • coastal permit or land-use consents for reclamations that contravene s13 and any other land-use or subdivision consent - unlimited duration unless otherwise specified in the consent

  • other coastal permits or any other land use that contravenes s13 - five years from the date of commencement of the consent (s116) if not specified, and not exceeding 35 years if a duration time is specified.

  • coastal permits for aquaculture activities must have a duration of no less than 20 years from the date of commencement of the consent unless the applicant has requested a shorter period or a shorter period is required to ensure that adverse effects are adequately managed. The duration for such a consent must also not exceed 35 years.

For resource consents being determined in relation to a rule in an NES that prohibits an activity (unless certain conditions/terms are complied with), the NES may specify a particular consent duration allowed in relation to that resource consent.

Decisions on the term of a consent need to be carefully considered and should be made in writing. For notified consents these decisions must be included in the decision report and must outline the reasons for deciding on a shorter term than requested in the application or set in legislation (s113(1)(b)).