Radio Frequency

The QP guidance note on Radio Frequency has been superseded by the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities) Regulations 2008 (the Radio Frequency NES).

National environmental standards are regulations developed in accordance with sections 43 and 44 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Every local authority and consent authority must observe national environmental standards and must enforce the observance of these standards, to the extent their powers enable them to do so. The Radio Frequency NES replaces certain existing rules in district plans and bylaws that affect the activities of telecommunications operators.

The Ministry for the Environment has produced a user guide entitled National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities: Users’ Guide (2009). This document provides guidance on implementing and explaining the Radio Frequency NES for practitioners in local government, the telecommunications industry and the public generally. The user-guide also describes the relationship between the regulations and existing local government controls. This guidance is available on the Ministry’s website.