Structuring and Organising Regional and District Plans

For resource management matters, regional or district plans are the primary policy reference document. Such plans should be easy to read and navigate while enabling councils to meet their statutory duties. Since 1991 many different plan structures and styles have evolved, and while there are good reasons for policy to vary from place to place, it is in the interest of all plan users that plans are well structured with some consistency in organisation. The intention of this guidance note is to assist the development of the next generation of RMA plans. It is a companion to the "Writing Provisions for Regional and District Plans" guidance note. This guidance note looks at:

This guidance note concludes in combining the themes above to provide a short discussion around, and examples of, what second generation regional and district plans could look like (in terms of structure and organisation).

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Plan structure and overarching principles

Plan structure: overarching principles


First generation plans

Plan structure: Common first generation plans


Ideas for useability

Plan structure: Ideas for useability


Plan content

Plan content: Issues, objectives, policies and rules

Arranging plan provisions

Arranging Plan provisions


Second generation plan structures

Possible Second generation plan structures


Examples of second generation plans

Examples of second generation plans