Coastal land development

This guidance note aims to assist resource management practitioners understand the issues associated with coastal land development and help address the challenges of management by:

  • outlining the framework for coastal management including relevant legislation and roles and responsibilities
  • providing guidance on the principles for coastal planning and management
  • outlining the key management issues arising from coastal land development
  • identifying key methods for managing coastal land development.

The coastal environment is dynamic and sensitive. If it is not managed proactively, coastal land development pressures can lead to adverse effects, both on land and within the coastal marine area.

Some 'flow-on effects' of coastal land development on the coastal marine area are recognised and discussed. Some issues are not directly addressed such as ports and marinas and other infrastructure (such as roads, cables and pipelines) dredging and sand extraction, reclamations and declamations, and marine energy generation.


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coastal management                      issues relating to coastal land development                     methods for managing
Introduction and
the framework and
principles for
coastal management
  Issues relating
to coastal
land development
  Methods for managing
coastal land
development impacts