Planning for the wine industry

The wine industry is a major agricultural industry that is characterised by a growing range of operational activities. The nature and scale of these operations have the potential to not only affect adjacent land uses, but also to be affected by them.

This guidance note identifies and discusses five key resource management issues and related effects that are associated with the wine industry, including:

  1. multiple land-use activities on one site (vertical integration)
  2. reverse sensitivity
  3. water allocation and use
  4. worker accommodation
  5. waste management.

The guidance note focuses on the approaches applied in district plans to address these resource management issues and identifies relevant examples. Approaches applied in regional plans to address particular issues, such as the use of agrichemical sprays, water allocation and use, and waste management are also discussed. 

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Issues    Approaches to manage identified issues within the wine industry  
Introduction       Issues

Approaches to manage
identified issues associated
with the wine industry