The internet and online technology enable 'anytime, anywhere' access to information and services and offers the potential to enhance the connection between the public and local government.

Increasingly the public is seeking to use the internet not just as a source of information, but as a medium to complete transactions. The demand for an internet-enabled local government sector has implications for RMA administration and this guidance note has been developed to encourage and assist councils to develop administration systems that will support the online delivery of RMA services (e-RMA).

The guidance note:

  • describes what e-RMA is
  • identifies the benefits of e-RMA
  • identifies the key issues that should be considered when implementing e-RMA
  • proposes key actions to help councils develop an e-RMA system.

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Introduction                  Benefits of e-rma                  How to implement e-rma                 

Introduction                Benefits of e-RMA               How to implement e-RMA               Key Issues for 
Delivery of e-RMA






legal considerations

Developing e-RMA 








e-RMA delivery 








Legal Considerations